Publicity Shots

G4VSS out and about.

G4VSS CDXC Another CDXC AGM getting the essensual raffle tickets from Neville Cheadle G3NUG with my old mate Keith G8MKO.




G4VSS in the Warrington radio Club shack Working the FT5000 and Step IR antenna.G4VSS Club Shack






Great group shot care of the RSGB, To celebrate the foG4VSS Harwood Hotelrmation of the RSGB in 5 July 1913 the Society held a Centenary dinner on the same date in 2013the Horwoodhouse Hotel Milton Keynes.


G4VSS Eugene Me and my friend Eugene Sully G0VIQ at Gatwick worth Hotel For the HF Conference.

G4VSS talkNo not a Rock Duo G4VSS and Paul G1DVA and one of our many Club DStar talks.




G4VSS Italy

G4VSS in Rome Italy taken by my long suffering wife Carmel M3CFI, this photo is used as my Twitter Photo .

G4VSS Norbreck



As Chairman of NARSA I need to make the odd announcement etc. at the rally which is the largest one day event in the North of England.

G4VSS Norbreck presentationG4VSS with Graham Coomber, G0NBI RSGB Manager making some presentation at the Rally.

downloadG4VSS with Angela Davis and Her Tourch at GB2012MV


Me and my friend Ash KF5EYY

img_0238 Photos from RSGB Convention 2016 our new friend Tom N4HAI and Dave G7SKR.

img_0212 img_0226kents Hill park Convention centre.






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