G4VSS ItalyThis web site reflects my interests in Amateur radio and its many facets. These change as knowledge is gained so this site should reflect such changes.


Gridsquare: IO83QJ

WAB Square: SJ58

I make no apologies for links to other sites whose authors I respect as being the best in delivering relevant information.

I am a member of the RSGB: as our UK national body it deserves the support of all those interested in the hobby.

I am also an active member of the Warrington Amateur Radio Club: The web site www.warc.org.uk also take a look at Presentation video

I am a member of the ARRL, the US national body looking after interests of Amateurs in the States. Information provided in QST the Journal of the ARRL is of the highest standard.

I hold the US call KW4CN and am an active Volunteer Examiner for the ARRL in the UK.

CDXC: The Chiltern DX Club is the UK’s premier DX Foundation, with approximately 960 members, dedicated to encouraging excellence in DX’ing and contest operating.

CDXC began in the 1980s, Since then CDXC has grown substantially with members sharing a common interest in HF DX and contesting, drawn together by their shared values of high standards of operating and DX’ing skills. CDXC has become one of the largest and most respected DX groups in the world.  I like to think helping to fund dx peditions is most important to the survival of our hobby!


The International Morse Preservation Society. Memebership Number 14802

I am a member of AMSAT UK reflecting my interest in things that fly. This includes communications satellites, the International Space Station and also weather satellites.

I am operational on QO100 narrowband , I also have receive capability for TV on the satellite . I re broadcast my viewing on the internet at  http://www.vivadatv.org/tutioune.php?om_id=G4VSS&station_id=1

I have Allstar node 41699 and 41704

Call me on Hamshack Hotline 24031

Further to the CW talk I recommend Morse Runner a contest simulation program a sort of computer game for CW ops very good for getting your speed up.

Also Club Log

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